Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Build update...

Here's a quick update on the build: About three weeks ago, I won and received these sweet aerobars from ebay. My angel of a wife--who has not yet asked about what I have spent on anything--asked if I got what I was expecting; my reply was "No, I got more." I had been looking for a while at one seller who had a variety of FSA/Vision bars that were all aluminum--I was in no hurry because it was a "Buy Now" item that kept getting relisted when the time expired. I was also waiting to get the headset--which you can see in the second picture--so I could put on some kind of handlebars on it to figure out some measurements and determine which size of handlebars to purchase from the aforementioned seller (I was pretty sure that I would need the medium ones, but wanted to be sure).

Then I found these beauties listed---oooh, carbon!--with a low starting bid. The story was that they were the bars that came on a bike that was "reconfigured"; the seller claimed that they had been ridden about 10 times (the sweat residue suggested more). Nonetheless, the measurements were about the same as the ones I was considering, so I threw in a bid. One other seller countered twice, but I already had a high enough bid to thwart his second attempt. Ed and I at the shop estimated that the retail would be in the $650-700 price range, but I spent (after S&H) no where near that.

As I said in a previous blog, the build is not quite done, but close. Therefore, I'm including one other picture to highlight its stealthiness, but doesn't reveal too much. When it's ready, there will be pictures galore!