Monday, April 12, 2010

One in the bank...


After my horrid, painful week with a bulging disc, I feel I bounced back really well.

I did front-load the last week pretty well and tapered toward the end--or skipped workouts again, depending on how you interpret the trends. I only swam once--Tuesday--but it was the best swim all year--and this was still with tingling fingertips from the bulging disc (what an odd sensation). I was hoping to add one more swim, but things got in the way and didn't get it in. Also, hanging out with the Moxies Friday night made my Saturday miserable--my own fault, really.

Nonetheless, Sunday rolled around and the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon was priority one. Here's the play-by-play:

I was in the second wave.

My goal for the swim was to maintain my cool and keep a good pace. Still, even in my warm-up, I felt my heart was starting to race--HR was up to 142 after just casually swimming a lap or two. I was glad to be sharing a lane for once--last year I was lucky enough to have an absent lane partner. So, in preparation for the open-water swims, I had another in the lane, the rope, and a friend swimming in the next lane. So having those visual and proximal distractions every once in a while was good to get used to. About two thirds of the way through, felt the HR racing again, so I tried to back down a little to stay steady through the entire 10 minutes. I was credited with 21 lengths--10.5 laps, 525 meters...a 30:39 mile pace. I was content with that.

The bike was frustrating, but I didn't let it get to me. I walked in and found that there was only one bike left that had Look-style pedals available. As I'm starting my set up, the guy next to it said that the computer on it was reading well. I quickly moved to another bike to remove the toe clips, couldn't, so I stuck with the first bike. The computer was sporadic; and though I held it at a consistent level MOST of the time, it was jumping around. But I didn't complain, just figured that mine wasn't the only bike to do that--it was what it was.

The run, I felt is where I unexpectedly shone. My running has been coming along, but I hadn't done any true speedwork in a couple weeks. So I wasn't planning to surpass three miles in 20 minutes. So I started by setting it up to 8.5 mph, but saw that a runner in the row ahead of me had set his at 9.3--trying to hit a 5k pace. Well, I quickly set it up to that pace as well. By looking over his shoulder, I felt like I was letting him pace me. Ten minutes into it, I was feeling a little fatigued, so I dropped back to 8.5 for five minutes, and finished at 9.3. The last five minutes was filled with "Just X more minutes/seconds to go" thoughts, and when I was done, I felt I had nothing left--perfect. Finished with 3.02 miles--good for me.

I haven't seen the final standings yet, but feel really good with the result especially with the speed bumps of the last couple of weeks.

I told Darci that after this week, I really need to keep things disciplined for about the next five weeks--thinking that I want to continue to build to Bluff Creek (May 23) and taper to IM KS 70.3 (June 6). I still want to do that, but I'm seriously considering adding the Papillion Half Marathon on May 16 as a last "long" run before KS.

One is done. I'm feeling good about it and that it is done. Now to look ahead to the rest.

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